• Anti Blemish Cream with Neem Oil (50 gm) Seabuck Essence

Enriched with goodness of Neem Oil this cream reduces Blemish, renew's the Skin Resilence & Firmness, improves Blood Circulation, Smoothens away Wrinkles and Fine lines. Why your Skin needs SEA BUCKTHORN ? The Sea Buckthorn oil is a pure fruit oil that brings a fresh, cleansed feel to your skin within seconds of application and keeps your skin soft all day long.The natural oils of this plant extensively treat several skin issues such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, skin darkening, dull skin, etc. It also has an immense impact on skin regeneration and is a powerful source of Supercharged Antioxidants190 PhytonutrientsBioactive NutrientsAll Omega's-3,6,7 & 9From The Manufacturer:SEABUCK ESSENCE is the leading manufacturer of Sea Buckthorn powered Skin & Hair care products, a miraculous berry that is packed with essential fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants as well as the entire Omega family [3, 6, 7 (a very rare Omega) and 9]. The key ingredient in all our products is the Sea Buckthorn Oil that hydrates your skin and gives it a smoother texture and healthier glow. We manufacture beauty care products which take’s care of your skin and hair in the best of ways. Our products are 100% natural with organic beauty enhancement elements which makes you skin happy. We strive towards providing our customers with maximum consumer satisfaction in terms of effective products, timely delivery and cost effective skin care.Our Product Portfolio contains a wide variety of skin care elements : Face Creams, Gels, Face Washes, Face Packs, Scrubs, Cleansers, Facial Kits

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Anti Blemish Cream with Neem Oil (50 gm) Seabuck Essence

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