• Brumex Forte 10 Capsules

Brumex tablet is a perfect blend of time tested herbal extracts to give splendid results in overcoming libido problems for both partners.

Intense desire to perform well can be achieved by Brumex Tablet.

Brumex effectively relieves anxiety and tension associated with loss of libido for both.

Brumex offers perfect performance by enhancing timing prolongation for men.

Brumex enhances aptitude and fitness of mind and body to reach to the pea k i n family and professional life with long lasting effect.

Brumex is he ideal answer to restore the fading bliss in adults.

Motherhood is a gift of God, Brumex is a boon to motherhood.

ln female

Provides hormonal balance and corrects endometrial receptivityof ovum, protects implanted ovum for full and healthy gestation.

In male

Improves timing, quality, quantity and motility of sperms.


1 tablet in the morning and 2 tablets at bed time. (Minimum 45 days for the best result)

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Brumex Forte 10 Capsules

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