• Ludoil Oil 60ml Ayulabs

Activates Melanocyte Proliferation.

Restores Normal Melanogenesis.

Facilitates Repigmentation.

Excellent Tolerance.

Ludoil is the oil with distinction. It is a combination of well tried oils for leucoderma, vitiligo, acquired leucoderma, leucopathia and depigmentation. Ludoil stimulates melanocytes for melanin synthesis and restores transfer of melanin to epidermis, synthesis and restores transfer of melanin to epidermis, facilitating repigmentation, Ludoil restores neuro-circulatory stability. Ludoil reduces number and size of white patches and brings back normal skin to ultra-violet rays. Ludoll checks secondary bacterial and fungal infections. With diet control, Ludoil assures early recovery. Ludoil is nontoxic, free from side effects. Early response saves patient from distress. Ludoil incorporates natural oils for better penetration.

Ingredients: Bavchi Oil, Chalmorga oil, Neem oil,Jyotismati oil,Jeitun oil, Narayan Oil, Mustard Oil.

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Ludoil Oil 60ml Ayulabs

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