• Kesari Kalpa Royal 1Kg Baidyanath


Kesari Kalp is a proven select combination of 50 herbs for improving over all feeling of well being as it contains all necessary vitamins and carbohydrates.
It contains pulp of amla which is rich in vitamin 'c' Amla is a Rasayana. It stimulates appetite and tones up body system.
The special ingredients like Abhrak Bhasma and Makardhwaja are tissue tonics and stimulate metabolic activity.
Kesari -Kalp with additional ingredients maintains youthful vigour and vitality, combats effects of stress and strain, promotes active life for aged, improves over all appetite and body resistance and acts as a vital tonic to stimulate the process of rejuvenation.
Kesari Kalp keeps your body fit, helps in promoting weight gain, protects and provides resistance against chronic dieases like general debility, debility of old age and anaemia as also in chronic dibilitating diseases like tuberculosis and others; even in acidity, ulcers and dyspepsia.
Kesari Kalp is an alternative aromatic stimulent, aperient carminative, rubefacient, digestive, aphrodisiac, astringent tonic for overall good health, heart and brain.

Amla, Patti, Ashtavarga, Pipal, Nagkeshar, Abhrak Bhasma, Kesar, Makarshwaja, Munakka, Madhu, Drasha, Akkarkara, Jaavitri, Chandi warka Ghee and sugar,

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Kesari Kalpa Royal 1Kg Baidyanath

  • Brand: Baidyanath
  • Product Code: 1kg
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  • Rs. 610.00

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