• Lowkal Stevia 100 Sachets No Calorie Sugar Alternative

One of a kind and naturally sweet. Lowkal Natural is a revolutionary 100% natural sugar alternative. Formulated with natural Stevia and Erythritol, a naturally occurring low-calorie sugar form found in some fruits.

We have a 100 sachet box available that is convenient to keep in the kitchen for cooking, have in your pantry at work, at restaurants or provide individual servings for friends and family when you’re entertaining. 1 sachet is the same as two teaspoons of sugar. The ingredients used are easily soluble and the sachets are specially designed so the granules are not affected by moisture, humidity or temperature.

Using a patent pending process, Lowkal has eliminated the bitterness usually associated with Stevia. That is the champion to help in the quest for the natural, healthy and great tasting sweetness.

90% less calories than sugar with 3.9 Calorie per sachet.

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Lowkal Stevia 100 Sachets No Calorie Sugar Alternative

  • Rs. 295.00