• Spermon 10 Capsules Millennium Herbal Care

Product concept :-

Spermon SGC is a potent and powerful spermatogenetic which helps to augment the quality and quantity of semen, increase libido, reduce stress and improve quality of life.

Indications :-

  •     Oligospermia
  •     Asthenospermia
  •     Teratospermia
  •     Spermatorrhoea
  •     Post coital weakness

Product Benefits :-

  •     Improves semen quantity and quality as a proven spermatogenetic
  •     Improves sperm motility, count and morphology
  •     Accelerates spermatogenesis by stimulating the testosterone secretion
  •     Strengthens male reproductive system
  •     Enhances libido
  •     Safe for long term use

Product Rationale :-

    Spermon contains herbs like Tribulus terrestris6 and Mucuna pruriens 1 which increase androgen and testosterone production to regulate semen production and quality.
    Spermon improves sperm count, motility and morphology due to presence of Withania somnifera3, Asparagus racemosus4 and Orchis latifolia7
    Spermon also contains potent herbs like Myristica fragrans2, Withania somnifera3 which act as aphrodisiacs. They reduce stress and anxiety.
    Asphaltum5, Asparagus adscendens, Orchis latifolia7 are potent anti oxidants that help relieve oxidative stress and fight fatigue.

Dosage :-

    Two Spermon SGCs twice daily after meals for a minimum of three months OR as directed by the physician.


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Spermon 10 Capsules Millennium Herbal Care

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