• Memovit Plus 500g Jain Ayurvedic Pharmacy

Memovit plus granules is an effective and safe combination of natural herbs for all ages. Memovit Plus granules improve brain functions, sharpen intelligence, help concentration, and relieve physical as well as mental fatigue.

Functions:Reduces anxiety & distraction
*Helps increase concentration, grasping power, retention and memory
*Improves memory in children, increases blood proteins
*A nervine tonic with tranquilizing action
*Strengthens weak muscles
*It Sharpens memory Power & corrects nervous debility

Indication:Children : Improves immunity system & increase concentration level.
Adults : Useful in loss of memory, Nervous brain fag, stress & depression.

Dosage :Children : 5gms twice daily with milk
Adults : 5gms to 10gms twice daily with milk


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Memovit Plus 500g Jain Ayurvedic Pharmacy

  • Rs. 350.00

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