• Kofol Syrup 100ml Charak


  1. Cough of allergic (pollutants / pollens / dust / occupational etc) or infective origin
  2. Cough associated with gastro-esophageal reflux
  3. Cough associated with bronchial asthma


Adults: 10ml thrice a day

Infants and children: Proportionately reduced according to age


  1. Beneficial in productive and dry cough
  2. Reduces mucosal irritation(sore throat)
  3. Provides relief from cough of varied etiolog



  1. Gargling with salt water is recommended.
  2. Herbal inhalation of warm water with camphor and mint is advised.
  3.  Speak less and if required in soft and low pitch is advised.
  4. Oil massage followed by hot fomentation over chest and back especially in case of chest congestion.
  5. Perform Deep inhalation and exhalation atleast two times a day.


  1.  Avoid exposure to cold wind and rain.
  2. Avoid cold water, refrigerated food products and ice-cream.
  3. Avoid smoking and exposure to chemicals industrials fumes pollen and dust.
  4.  Avoid tobacco chewing, oily and spicy food.

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Kofol Syrup 100ml Charak

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