• Haridrarasa 10ml Desi Utthana Associates

Turmeric -Rhizome of Curuma Longa has wide range of health promoting benefits. the yellow Pigment "Curcumin" Present in it has healing Properties. Fresh Natural Turmeric is crushed and strained, the extracted juice the use of artificial Fertilizers, 

Haridrarasa Toxic elements, cleanses blood, develops immunity, hence revitalises body. Eliminates toxicity,Purifies blood, develops immunity, reduces cholesterol,controls high blood pressure, reduces Anaemia, cures many allergies,Asthma, relieves cold, cough, indigestion, insomnia. Regular dosage controls diabetes, epilepsy, kidney and liver disorders,menstrual issues, piles,psoriasis.

Dosage: For children below 5 years and above 2 years : Half a drop

For children below 16 years & above 5 Years : 1 Drop

For adults:  1-2 drops

Usage: Advisable to consume with hot milk. may add jaggery or jaggery liquid as tastener. Those have naturally hot body or suffering from stomach issue may use with none refrigeration, fresh butter milk

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Haridrarasa 10ml Desi Utthana Associates

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