• Bodyline Powder 50g Dr Jains Forest Herbals

It helps reducing lipid levels, cholesterol & triglycerides.
For Slimming
Reduce weight
Use Aloe Juice & Liverin along with Bodyline for faster result.

Usage :

This is a mixture of medicinal herbs.1/2 teaspoon powder is a starting dose. At night, take ½ spoon mixture in a glass and pour boiled water on it; stir the mixture, cover and keep overnight.
Drink the mixture next morning after breakfast. The dose of the powder is increased slowly and raised upto 2 teaspoons daily within a month. The dose may be reduced in case of any complaints and may be kept steady at a tolerable limit.
The reduction in weight is noticeable only after regular use for 3 months. The feeling of ‘dull’, lazy and heaviness is seen reduced in first 2-3 weeks itself.
These medicinal herbs are of Ushna property and may increase heat. Therefore, water in plenty, and Ghee in food is necessary.


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Bodyline Powder 50g Dr Jains Forest Herbals

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