• Heptovit SGC 10 Capsules Millennium Herbal Care

How it works?

Daruharidra and Kutki are medicinal herbs that repair and protect liver cells, improve liver functions. It provides symptomatic relief to the patient

Kalmegh is a standard and proven liver-protective. It repairs and protects the liver cells. It has effective antioxidants to fight against liver toxins and free radicals

Bhuiamla effectively treats hepatitis B and jaundice. It is used for the effective functioning of the liver

Punarnava roots are helpful in the treatment of jaundice and indigestion

Soonth acts as an anti-viral. It helps reduce the symptoms of viral infection

Pittapapda helps regenerate the liver tissues

SGC’s: 1-2 SGC’s to be taken twice or thrice daily for 1-2 months or as directed by the physician.

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Heptovit SGC 10 Capsules Millennium Herbal Care

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