• Almondyouth 50g Lotus Herbals


A natural rich cream that checks premature ageing of skin caused by chlorine in water, atmospheric pollution and ill health. .

Active Ingredients

Lemon Peel Extract- Natural source of Vitamin C. Act as antioxidant . Almond Oil- Excellent emollient & skin nourishing properties. Natural source of Vitamin E which is excellent free radical scavenger. Anti-wrinkle properties. Apricot Kernel Oil- Good moisturizing, softening & skin absorbing properties. Rich in skin conditioning Vitamin E. Anti-wrinkle properties.

How to Use

Wash face thoroughly with lukewarm water and JOJOBAWASHâ„¢. Apply cream all over face and neck. Gently massage in upward direction. Use daily morning and before going to bed at night


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Almondyouth 50g Lotus Herbals

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