• Hair Oil 100ml K.P.Namboodiris


K.P.Namboodiri's Ayurvedic Hair Care Oil enriched with Amla,Henna, Hibiscus, Bhangra ,Thulsi, Nilika, Curry leaves, ensures strong, thick and black hair.K.P.Namboodiri's Ayurvedic Hair Care Oil enriched Coconut Oil with its superior nourishment properties is the perfect remedy for all your hair problems. It also fights dandruff besides keeping your hair strong, thick and black.

Directions For Use

1. Oiling hair dialy is important than using any other cosmetic products and treatments

- Make partitions while oiling your hair. Rub oil in each partition. Make as many partitions of hair as you can. This will help oil to reach the scalp properly.

2. Avoid using too much of oil. Start applying little to each part of head and then massage. Massaging is important than the quantity of oil you use

3.Dip your finger tips in oil. Gently massage with finger on scalp by putting your hands inside hair

4. Massage with your fingers at least for 10 to 15 minutes after oiling your hair

5. Avoid washing your hair immediately after oiling.

6.Rub oil on the roots of your hair. it helps to improve blood circulation and make hair silky and strong



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Hair Oil 100ml K.P.Namboodiris

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