• Arnopen Liniment 60ml SG Phyto Pharma

A deep penetrating medicament which acts synergistically with Arnopen capsules, to bring about faster relief in rheumatic patients.
Arnopen Liniment :

  1.     Has a deep penetrating effect.
  2.     Stimulates blood circulation & oxygen supply to diseased tissues, musculature & tendons.
  3.     Promotes tissue regeneration & enhances healing.
  4.     Overcomes inflammation & pain.
  5.     Acts synergistically with ARNOPEN capsules to produce effective cure “quickly”.

Arnopen Liniment contains :

  1.     Mahanarayan Taila : Has deep penetrating, anti-inflammatory & tissue regenerating properties, its regular use overcomes rheumatic condition &       improves blood circulation.
  2.     Glutheria Oil,Turpentine Oil & Nilgiri Taila : Potentiates the action of Mahanarayan taila & Improves blood cirulation

Indications :

All types of acute & chronic muscular & joint pains, Rheumatic & Arthirtic conditions, Neuralgia, Myalgia, Lumbago, Gout, Sciatica, Spondylitis, Tendinitris, Bursitis.

Applications :

Arnopen liniment should be gently massaged into the skin over the affected areas. For better results, keep the massaged area warmly covered.

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Arnopen Liniment 60ml SG Phyto Pharma

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