• Leptaden 100 Tablets Alarsin

* Leptaden has: Galactopoietic, Lactogenic and Galactokinetic actions.
* Leptaden is stimulated within 8 to 12 hours in most of the cases.
* Noticeable improvement in Lactation occurs within 5-7 days of treatment.
* Measurement of Test Feeds show increases in quantity of milk.
* Helps to improve and maintain Protien, Fat, Calcium and Ash contents of Breast Milk.
* Lactation is maintained even after the treatment is discontinued.
* Flow of milk is easy and child can suck comfortably.

* LEPTADEN inhibits bio-synthesis of PGF2 by uterine tissues
* Normalizes environmental factors for proper implantation of fertilized Ovum.
* Has helped even in cases with history of 4-10 previous abortions.
* With Leptaden, significantly better results observed than those with conventional drugs.
* No harmful side effects to mother or foetus.
* In Primigravadia: Leptaden can be safely given as prophylaxis to ensure Full Term Normal Delivery and Live Birth.

* 2 tablets thrice a day after delivery for 4 weeks( it is suggested that Leptaden be started from the 1st day of delivery for better results)
* In Habitual abortions: Pre-conception treatment : 2 tabs tds continuously for 3 months even during menses (Celibacy is to be observed during this period). After this, once pregnancy is suspected 2 tablets tds throughout pregnancy.
* In Threatened abortions: start 2 tablets tds at the earliest and continue throughout pregnancy.
* In primigravida as Prophylaxis: 2 tablets bd throughout pregnancy to ensure FTND & FTLB.

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Leptaden 100 Tablets Alarsin

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