Myovedic Oil 100ml Balavishnu

Myovedic Oil 100ml Balavishnu
Brand: Balavishnu Thaila Aushadhalaya
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Myovedic is useful for Joint Pain, Swelling, Fatigue and morning stiffness of Joints, Stiff neck, Frozen shoulder, Backache, Heel pain, Aching toes, Lumbago, Sciatica, Swollen Joints, Muscle Pain – Leg cramps, Weakness in legs, Buttocks, Arms while walking, Gout Arthritis (affects small joints), Spondilites, Spondylosis, Sleeplessness (Head massage), Numbness, Diabetic Neuropathy (Nerve pain), Sliped (PIVD), Disc (Prolapsed inter vertebral disc), Sports injuries, Sports Massage and other injuries caused by accidents etc.

Body Massage Oil

Myovedic is body massage oil which serves as a preventive medicine for any neuro muscular disorders, stops degeneration of bones. The practice of having a good medicated oil massage from head to toe, prior to the bath goes back to generation.

Myovedic also serves as a preventive medicine for any neuromuscular disorders, such as:


Cartilage is a special tissue liming, the ends of bones at the joints, where this special tissue wear’s away, the raw bone ends rub against each other resulting in Arthritis pain, difficulty in walking, swelling of the joint, burning sensation etc. Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is a chronic condition that can result in weakness, loss of mobility and eventually destruction and deformity of the joints. Osteoarthritis is characterized by gradual loss of cartilage of the joints.

Myovedic has shown positive effects in treating RA. When the body is massaged, the natural anti-inflammatory compounds in the oil is absorbed to the damaged joints and it gradually reduces the inflammation and swelling. Thus, improves joint function and relieves pain. Myovedic helps body repair damaged joints by getting to the root of the problem and produces outstanding results without side effects.

Myovedic helps in treating Osteoarthritis by halting bone degeneration. It relieves stiffness in muscles by prompt and deep action, stimulating blood circulation to the affected parts, thereby increasing the mobility.


Osteoporosis affects women in particular-especially after menopause has set in-when the body no longer produces estrogen- the hormone that helps womens bones stay strong. Massage with Myovedic oil helps rebuild the strength of the bones. It is appropriate for women who are at high risk of Osteoporosis and also for women who have already experienced significant bone loss.


Paralysis is the loss of voluntary movement as a result of damage to nerve or muscle. There is an actual softening in some areas of brain tissue and as a result of which the blood supply is cut off by gradually blocking the blood vessels. This results in paralysis of one side, loss of speech, the inability to read or write, recognize or handle tools. Myovedic is very effective in bringing back the mobility after prolonged use of 4 to 6 months. Myovedic has been found useful in healing Polio also in a similar way.


Head massage with Myovedic is recommended every night prior to retirement of restful sleep, particularly those who find it difficult to have natural and psychological peaceful sleep.

For Adult & Aged Persons

Myovedic is a therapeutic body massage is a boon to the ailing adults. Ayurveda has viewed the problem of degenerative changes in human body from many aspects and has prescribed a way of life and a line of treatment. Myovedic slows down the degenerative process of advancing age. Very weak persons in verge of collapse will gain strength.
Directions for Use

Directions for use

Apply the oil over the affected area of pain and massage gently for 5-10 minutes. Myovedic is non greasy, it penetrates into the skin and leaves no trace of oil after the massage. Wait for a couple of hours before bathing or washing the oil off with warm water. Twice a day is must for effective and prompt results. Use till adequate improvement is noticed.


Use till adequate improvement is noticed. Myovedic is very effective in bringing back the mobility after prolonged and consistent use for 3-4 months.


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