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Aloe Tree Oil 10ml Passion Indulge
Aloe Tree Oil skin deep clarity forever Tea tree and lemon essential oil in combination with v..
Rs. 250.00
Aroma Pendant Passion Indulge
Hang this pretty perfuming pendant in any room, wardrobe, bookcase or car.The pendant will disperse ..
Rs. 530.00
Bamboo Extract Face Scrub 70g Passion Indulge
Scrubs out toxins from the skin . Removes dead cells and toxins from skin . The unique presenc..
Rs. 275.00
Basil Essential Oil  10ml Passion indulge
Basil Essential Oil Ocimum Basilicum Part of Plant : Extracted from the leaves & the flow..
Rs. 220.00
Bergamot Essential Oil 10ml Passion Indulge
This fruity & sweet oil is an excellent anti stress & anti depression oil. It has superb ..
Rs. 370.00
Berry Burst Strawberry Body Wash 200ml Passion Indulge
Fruit Extract.100% Vegetarian Directions For Use : Moisten the skin.Squeeze a small amount and..
Rs. 440.00
Eternia Face Mud 100g Passion Indulge
Ideal For Women. Tighten sagging skin & stimulate circulation . Soften lines and wrinkles D..
Rs. 290.00
Eucalyptus Oil  10ml Passion indulge
Eucalyptus Oil Eucalyptus Globules Eucalyptus pure essential oil has a clear, sharp, fresh an..
Rs. 295.00
Frankincense Pure Essential Oil 10ml Passion Indulge
Used in burners and vaporizers, frankincense is useful for colds, coughs and sore throat. It also ca..
Rs. 295.00
Geranium Essential oil - For Ageing skin (40+) 10ml Passion indulge
Geranium Essential oil - For Ageing skin (40+) Pelargonium Graveolen Part of Plant : Flower t..
Rs. 425.00
Grapeseed oil 60ml Passion indulge
Grapeseed oil - Anti-oxidant Grapeseed oil is rich in antioxidants and other nutrients which exer..
Rs. 325.00
Jasmine  10ml Passion Indulge
Jasmine Jasmine aromatic oil has an exotic, floral fragrance. Use it in diffusers, home care to ..
Rs. 295.00
Jasmine Oil 100ml Passion Indulge
Jasmine Oil Jasmineum Grandiflorum Part of Plant : Flower Benefits : Anti-depressant, an..
Rs. 1,500.00
Jojoba oil 60ml Passion Indulge
Jojoba oil - for all skin types Natural jojoba serves as an excellent moisturizing agent with exc..
Rs. 495.00
Lavender Essential Oil  10ml Passion Indulge
Lavender Essential Oil Lavendula Angustifolia Part of Plant : Herb Lavender pure essential o..
Rs. 455.00

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