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Anuloma Churna 50 gm Sagar
In constipation associated with - Piles, Old Age, After Operation, Pregnancy, Psychiatry, Heart Dise..
Rs. 58.00
Anuloma D S 10 Tablets Sagar
Features:• Contains Senna – a stimulant laxative • Contains powerful carminatives • Has better pat..
Rs. 40.00
Decazyme 10  Tablets Sagar
Features: • Powerful digestive • Easy form of administration Presentation:  Blister pack..
Rs. 20.00
Decazyme Syrup 200ml Sagar
Features: • Powerful digestive • Easy form of administration Presentation:  Blister pack o..
Rs. 94.00
Goranchi  10 Tablets Sagar
Features:• Stimulates insulin secretion & reduces insulin resistance • Improves total lipid pro..
Rs. 20.00
Features: • Uterine sedative • Antispasmodic • Analgesic Indications:Menstrual pain, premenstr..
Rs. 40.00
Features: • Builds immunity against allergens • No antihistamines – hence no drowsiness & dryn..
Rs. 40.00
Sagarlic 10 Pearl Sagar
Features: • Lowers LDL & increases HDL • Improves Lipid profile Indications:Hypercholestero..
Rs. 25.00
Features: • Astringent & coolant • Wound healing Indications:Stomatitis, Glossitis, Gingivi..
Rs. 40.00
Stomatab Gel 10g Sagar Pharmaceuticals
Stomatab Gel 10g Sagar Pharmaceuticals ..
Rs. 45.00
Features: • Reestablishes normal neuronal activities • Non sedative & safe for day time use •..
Rs. 30.00
Tonsari Soft Gelatin 10 Capsules Sagar
Features: • Relieves URT & ENT infections & inflammations • Builds resistance & preven..
Rs. 40.00
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Uteract  Syrup 200ml Sagar Pharmaceuticals
Dosage : 10 to 15ml 2 - 3 times a day or as directed by physician. ..
Rs. 94.00
Winsor 50g Ointment Sagar Pharmaceuticals
Features: • Relieves dryness, itching, scaling, bleeding & pain • Does not flare on withdrawal..
Rs. 76.00

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